The Team

All members of the Cat House without exception give their time and skills on a 100% volunteer basis. We come from different backgrounds and from different countries, but we are united by a single goal: to help the street cats of Plovdiv and Bulgaria have a chance at a better life.

Most of the team members have adopted at least one Cat House cat themselves, and the Bulgarian team members also foster cats when needed.

In Bulgaria


Founded the Cat House in 2014

Bistra manages the Bulgarian Facebook and Instagram pages, the financial accounts, the communication with the vets and with both the German and Bulgarian teams.


Founded the Cat House in 2014

Lucy visits the shelter every morning in order to take care of the cats’ every need – feeding, medicating, cleaning – and regularly takes part in TNR campaigns locally.


Helped found the Cat House

Diana does the afternoon/evening shift, drives cats to and from the vets, takes part in TNR campaigns, and has single-handedly raised dozens of kittens at home over the years.


Vita helps regularly with the transport of cats to and from the vets, fosters cats at home and takes part in local TNR campaigns with Lucy.


Maria is in charge of photography, the photo albums and maintaining this website. She also helps with inquiries, driving cats,  and TNR campaigns.

Geri & Ivan

Geri & Ivan help with the feeding and medicating of the cats during the week, with driving to and from the vets, and often foster cats at home too.

In Germany


Our representative in Germany from the start, Anke deals with adopters, prepares the contracts and is at the helm of our 3 yearly fundraising campaigns.


Melina responds to inquiries via our Facebook page and assists Anke with our fundraising campaigns. 


Angela organises the pre-adoption home inspections and assists Anke with our fundraising campaigns. 


Jessica takes care of the sponsorships.


Melanie helps Anke with the accounts.

The Inquiries Team

Ria, Nadine, Vivian and Jennifer respond to inquiries via our Facebook page.

The Administrative Team

Saskia, Tanja, Alexandra T. and Sabrina help with various administrative duties.

The Marketplace Team

Lisa, Alexandra M. and Sarah help moderate our Marketplace group.