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We are a small team of volunteers who spend vast amounts of our personal time and financial resources to help our cats and spread awareness of important issues such as neutering. We rely on the help and generosity of our supporters in order to continue with our mission. Whether you can contribute a little or a lot, every bit of help is welcome and very much appreciated! 


If you have room in your home and your heart for a new cat (or more), please browse our photo albums and let us know which one of our wonderful kitties you would like to take home with you!

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You can find more information on our Adoptions page, but 3 things to keep in mind are:

1. All prospective homes must pass a home inspection to ensure they are a suitable environment for our cats.

2. Except for exceptional cases, we do not give cats for adoption if they are going to be the only cat in the household.

3. Our cats must not be allowed outside. A secured (escape-proof) balcony, patio or garden is of course acceptable.


If you live in Plovdiv or Sofia but are not in a position to adopt permanently, perhaps you could considering fostering as an option. Fostering means looking after a cat in your home until it finds an adopter. 

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Foster homes are needed for cats in certain circumstances, for example:

– kittens that are young and need regular feeding and closer attention;

– cats whose character or health condition is not suited to a shelter environment (i.e. fearful or requiring regular medication)

All food, litter, medicines (if required) are provided by the shelter.

You just need to provide the space and the love! 


Sponsorships are regular monthly contributions to help us with the expenses of keeping a cat in the shelter (such as food, litter and medicines / veterinary care if needed).

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You can take up full or partial sponsorship. Partial sponsorship starts at just €5/month! You can see updates on your sponsored cat on our facebook pages and will be invited to join 2 private groups for sponsors.

You can end your sponsorship at any time (but please give us some notice so we can find another sponsor quicker).

Your sponsorship ends when the cat is adopted. Of course you are welcome to transfer your sponsorship to another cat in need of support if you wish to.


Simply put, without donations we wouldn’t exist, and our cats would have a very different fate. Whether one-off, occasional or regular, no donation is too small. Your donations can go to:

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1. PayPal (in EUR please)
Please make sure you choose the option “sending to a friend” (and not “paying for goods or services”), so we can save on fees.

2. Bank Transfer (in BGN please)
Cat House Foundation
IBAN: BG0 7UNCR 7000152304 6414

3. Revolut
If you have a Revolut account you can use this link to send us your donation:

Teaming is an online tool to raise funds with micro donations of only 1€ a month: Join the Cat House Teaming group.


Would you prefer to donate consumables or other goods, rather than money? From food, litter and cat toys to be used at the shelter, to items that we could sell in order to raise funds.

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We have between 70-90 cats in the shelter and foster homes who get through dozens of kilos of food and liters of cat litter every month. We are also in need of cleaning materials, paper towels, wet wipes, and medicines such as anti-parasite drops and pills.

Please get in touch with us if you’d like to donate some of these items and we will let you know which brands we use.

We also need to replace toys regularly, and cat trees / scratching posts every few months.

Are you a crafter, or do you have unwanted items in a resalable condition that we could use in raffles or tabletop sales in order to raise funds?

We would love to hear from you!



We are a small but versatile team of volunteers and we all put in our best efforts to do the best job we can for our cats, however we could always do better with extra help!

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These are some examples of skills and services that would be very helpful:

– Writing and translation help for our website;

– Marketing services to help us promote our cause;

– Fundraising skills to help us raise much needed funds;

– Printing services for stickers, business cards or other stationery.

Do you have any skills or services to offer that you feel could be beneficial? We’d love to hear from you!


From displaying one of our collection boxes at your place of business, to helping with one of our tabletop sales or coming up with your own fundraising ideas with your family and friends.

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Sponsoring a collection box costs a mere 20 BGN (10 EUR). All you have to do is display it at your place of business and encourage your customers to place donations in it. Once full, one the team will pick the money up from you. In exchange, your business gets a mention on our Supporters page.

There are many other ways anyone can help us raise funds, such as selling unwanted items and donating the proceeds, or asking friends and family for donations for completing a challenge, or in lieu of birthday gifts. Do an internet search for ideas, some will surprise you! 


We post regular updates on Facebook (CatHouseRescue (BG) and CatHouse.deutscheseite (DE)) and Instagram (CatHouseBulgaria (BG) and CatHouse_Bulgaria_(DE/EN)).

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When you adopt one of our cats, you are invited to join a private Cat House Adopters group (in German), where you can share photos and stories and get answers to all your burning questions on anything from toys to behaviour issues.

We also have a public Marketplace group (in German) which anyone can join to help us raise funds for the shelter by buying and selling items, particularly at Easter and Christmas time.  You can find it here: Cat House Marktplatz


Even the smallest actions can have a big impact. Showing your support  and helping us spread the word about our cause can often be as simple as a couple of clicks of your mouse.

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  • Give us feedback on ways we can improve our reach and impact