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The Cat House Foundation is a registered charity based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, dedicated to the rescue of vulnerable stray cats from a tough life in the streets, where they were found orphaned, injured, or facing health challenges.

The Foundation is run exclusively by volunteers and funded solely by donations. The small but very dedicated team ensures that the cats receive all necessary medical care and a clean, safe and loving environment.

All cats are neutered, vaccinated and regularly dewormed, before a secure, vetted home is sought for them in Bulgaria, Germany or Switzerland. Adoptions in other European countries may also be possible.

In addition to these rescue efforts, the Foundation actively addresses uncontrolled stray cat populations through advocacy and the regular implementation of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) campaigns.

What We Do

we Rescue

Our cats are rescued from a life in the streets. We take in orphaned babies, as well as abandoned, malnourished, injured, and even tortured cats. 

we vaccinate

All our cats receive any necessary medical care, and get vaccinated, neutered, chipped and given a final health check before they travel. 

we Desex

We condemn uncontrolled cat reproduction (including in household settings), and conduct TNR campaigns to address the issue among strays.

we reHome

Our cats are placed in pre-inspected homes in Bulgaria, Germany or Switzerland. Our cats live indoors or in secured outdoor areas only. 


€170 Saves a Life

The adoption fee of €170 helps us cover the cost of health checks, blood tests, vaccinations, deworming, neutering, chipping and transport. 

We have cats of different ages to suit most households. Please browse our gallery of cats available for adoption and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with at least one of them.

How You Can Help

If you cannot offer one of our cats a forever home, there are many other ways in which you can help support the Cat House.

These include fostering, volunteering, sponsoring, donating money, services or goods, fundraising, or simply sharing the word – everything helps. Please help us help them. Help us save lives.